How to add a new redirection to the WordPress Redirection plugin.

Navigate to the Redirection Panel

Untitled-3After you log into the WordPress interface your directed to the WordPress Admin Area Dashboard. From there, hover over the Tools button in the left column of the page. A pop up menu will appear to the right of the tools button when you hover over it that lists quick links to some of the tools installed on your WordPress install.

From there click on the Redirection link to be directed to the Redirection plugins admin panel.

Adding a New Redirection

To add a new redirection reference the image below and follow these steps:

  1. Add the old URL that your wish to redirect to the Source URL area of the Redirection panel.
  2. Add the new URL that you wish to redirect visitors to the old url to in the Target URL area of the Redirection panel.
  3. Click the Add Redirection button to add the redirection
  4. That is it. The new redirect has been added!