How To Change The Password of Registered WordPress Users.

Hello, and welcome to another tutorial by WordPressLas.Vegas. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to change the password for your WordPress user.

The first thing we’re going to do is log into the wordpress admin area.

Once you’ve successfully logged in, your dropped directly on to the wordpress dashboard.

If we wish to change the password for the user we are currently logged into to, simply hover over your user name in the right hand corner and select the “Edit My Profile” link. This will bring up the Profile Editor. From this screen we can edit the entire user for the specific user we are logged into.

To change the password for the current user, navigate toward the bottom of the screen and look for the “New Password” field. Simply insert your new password into the field. Then repeat the password in the “Repeat New Password” field below.

Once you’ve inserted your new password into the required fields, click the update profile button at the bottom of the page. If you successfully updated your password, you should be navigated back to the profile edit page with a success message that states “Profile updated.”

If we wish to change the password for a user other than the one we are logged into, simply click the users button in the left column. This will bring us to the area where we can make changes to the registered users on the current wordpress install. Now keep in mind you will only see the users that your current user role has permissions to administer.

To change the password for a particular user, hover over that username and click the “Edit” link that appears. This will take us to the same profile edit screen as before, but for the previously selected user. To change the pass word of the user, navigate to the bottom of the screen and repeat the same steps from before. If the users profile was successfully updated, you should see the same “Profile Updated.” success message as before.

That is all thats required to change passwords for wordpress users! Thanks for watching and for more useful tutorials such as this check us out on WordPressLas.Vegas.